Yes, Honey, That House.

As I mentioned before, my husband and I bought a 100-year-old house last year.  (In 2011 not a year ago.)  Upon first seeing it, he fell completely and hopelessly in love.

I did not.

My initial reaction was, “This house?  You want THIS house?  Of all the houses we’ve looked at…  you want this one?”

But he convinced me it could be made beautiful, and wonderful, and that it was his dream.  My husband is a contractor who does lovely remodeling work.

So we bought it.

complete with wooden paneling and green carpet that I think had been there since the days of Adam.

I wish I could tell you that, that gorgeous long leaf pine floor is the real floor.  However, that’s the sub floor.  We plan on keeping this room, however the rest of the house will need re-flooring.  It makes me want to cry to think about covering it though.

We work on it all the Sundays and other days we can.

Sometimes even Little Man comes.  Granted, he has to stay outside the whole time.

Lead paint being a big reason why.

Did I mention this house has 11 foot ceilings?  It’s huge.

It was originally a school-house, we haven’t figured out which or where yet, that was added onto and moved into the neighborhood.  Possibly moved first and then added onto.  Whatever seems most logical to you.  :p

This was the view from the living room looking into the kitchen.  The doorway beyond that is the bathroom.  This has drastically changed, but we’ll post those changes tomorrow.  😉

The kitchen scared me.

The bathroom did too.

But I have faith in my husband.

And I shall have to show you his amazing progress tomorrow.  Hopefully in video form.

It’s pretty awesome.

About as awesome as adorable, sleeping babies.


About Tabi

I love the simple things in life, like, wearing skirts and going barefoot. Cooking glorious meals to feed friends and family. Trying to find healthy food at the grocery store on a limited budget. Spinning wool, (yes that's from sheep and goats and llamas), crocheting, and weaving. Picking fresh produce out of a garden, pouring real maple syrup over pancakes, and making a warm and loving home for my family. However, I don't use only whole wheat flour. I do not take reusable grocery bags to the store with me. I indulge in boxed meals when I must. I prefer sugar to honey. I do not shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or Earth Fare except on very special occasions when I have extravagant amounts of money to spend. I HATE cloth diapers. I believe in breastfeeding babies, but not until they're five. I buy pre-made baby food. Somewhere in all this, I want to find the balance between the fanatical and the uncaring. Somehow, I hope to settle on doable.
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