Cake Balls, and Weird Breakfasts

This morning, I pulled biscuits out of the freezer and put them in the oven.  When they were done, I opened one up, piled on sausage with the edges nicely blackened, and then I poured maple syrup over the top.

Then I ate it.

We were supposed to have pancakes for breakfast.  What happened you ask?

A few months ago, my sister-in-law Maddy and I decided to try our delicate lady hands at cake balls.  They seem to be all the rage now-a-days, and we thought we’d see what it was all about.

I even attempted cute adorable creatures.  The one in front was supposed to be an owl, and the two in back, reindeer.  One of which Maddy javelined (is that a word?) in order to save it from being too ugly.

In any case…  they tasted good, but we decided we had a ways to go before creating cute things.

Ahem.  Anyway, there’s a wedding of a friend coming up, and I asked if I could do the cake for the bridal shower.  Because I wanted to do cake balls again.

Every other Wednesday, another sister-in-law, Ashley, is in charge of a bake sale at her college.  I asked if I could make cake balls for that in practice.  She said yes.

So, last night until 10 thirty, we worked on decorating them.  With rather better results.

At least, we thought they were.  Professionals everywhere may laugh and deride us.  WE liked them.

So, after a decorating party in the kitchen, I semi cleaned up, told Ashley to cover them all before she went to bed and after they cooled, and then I hit the sack.

This morning, we had to package them all.

Packaging them for sale was fun.

The grumpy Little Man who wanted to get into EVERYTHING he wasn’t supposed to, and only wanted to eat eggs for breakfast and yell  a lot when he didn’t get them fast enough was not.

The statement:  There is nothing more frustrating than a frustrated baby.    Is true.

So when other people got up at a more normal hour than when Little Man wants to get up, I was grumpy.

I made at least one of them grumpy too.  I like to share like that.

Anyway.  That’s why I poured maple syrup over my biscuit and sausage this morning.  And I enjoyed it.

If you want to make late night cake balls, you can too.  It’s very easy.  Just very messy and time-consuming.

1 9×13 pan of your favorite cake cooled completely

1/2 tub of frosting

chocolate candy melts or almond bark

lollipop sticks

sprinkles, m&ms, ground nuts, anything you want really…

crumble up your cake until there’s no solid bits yet.  Spoon in your frosting and mix and mash with your hands until nice and sticky.  Roll into balls and place in the fridge.

The next day, when they’re nice and cold, melt your chocolate in a double boiler… or if you’re like me, put a stainless steel bowl over a pot of boiling water.  It works just as well.

When melted, dip the end of your lollipop sticks in the chocolate and push gently into your cake balls.  Not too far or they’ll split.

When the chocolate has hardened, dip the cake balls in the melted chocolate.  Don’t twist the sticks, the cake will come off.  If you don’t have enough chocolate to completely cover the cake, use a spoon to gently cover the rest.

Remove from chocolate, and let excess drip back into the bowl.  Set cake ball either on wax paper, stick up, or push the stick into some foam to let dry.

If using sprinkles, sprinkle on while chocolate is still wet.

All packaged up and pretty.  I love the suits with the bow ties.  They make me happy.


About Tabi

I love the simple things in life, like, wearing skirts and going barefoot. Cooking glorious meals to feed friends and family. Trying to find healthy food at the grocery store on a limited budget. Spinning wool, (yes that's from sheep and goats and llamas), crocheting, and weaving. Picking fresh produce out of a garden, pouring real maple syrup over pancakes, and making a warm and loving home for my family. However, I don't use only whole wheat flour. I do not take reusable grocery bags to the store with me. I indulge in boxed meals when I must. I prefer sugar to honey. I do not shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or Earth Fare except on very special occasions when I have extravagant amounts of money to spend. I HATE cloth diapers. I believe in breastfeeding babies, but not until they're five. I buy pre-made baby food. Somewhere in all this, I want to find the balance between the fanatical and the uncaring. Somehow, I hope to settle on doable.
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One Response to Cake Balls, and Weird Breakfasts

  1. These look cute and delicious! I love the one wearing a tuxedo. Stop by and say hi 🙂

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