Capalitters and Wraps

I think I’m having trouble stopping being THAT parent.

I’m very good about strapping Little Man into his carseat and making sure the chest strap is up on his chest, and not on his belly.  I always make sure he’s safe and secure.

I can’t figure out for the life of me why I’m so bad at strapping the car seat into the car, and making sure that it’s safe too.

On Saturday, on our way home from church, Seth wanted to show me the place where he eventually intends to go mudding in his big manly truck.

We traipsied down, and got a good look at how high the water was, ect.  And then, when we turned around to leave, he pulled a doughnut in the parking lot…

And Jack’s carseat rolled across the back seat with nothing to stop it.  Coming to rest, upside down in the middle.

I nearly died.

Jack never even woke up.

All you wonderful parents you…  you’re not alone.

I made another critter yesterday.  I had to calm my nerves somehow.

I think I need to make an entire garden critter family.

Any suggestions?

Lady Bug just popped into my brain, I shall have to attempt it.

I also finished a wrap this morning during Jack’s nap.

I promise you I do more things than crochet and weave.

Sometimes I weed the garden.

Don’t look at it right now though, you’ll call me a liar.

I’ve been working on that for the past month or so.  You can also find it at the link above.

Coz I’m helpful like that.

In the meantime, Jack doesn’t seem any worse for wear.



About Tabi

I love the simple things in life, like, wearing skirts and going barefoot. Cooking glorious meals to feed friends and family. Trying to find healthy food at the grocery store on a limited budget. Spinning wool, (yes that's from sheep and goats and llamas), crocheting, and weaving. Picking fresh produce out of a garden, pouring real maple syrup over pancakes, and making a warm and loving home for my family. However, I don't use only whole wheat flour. I do not take reusable grocery bags to the store with me. I indulge in boxed meals when I must. I prefer sugar to honey. I do not shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or Earth Fare except on very special occasions when I have extravagant amounts of money to spend. I HATE cloth diapers. I believe in breastfeeding babies, but not until they're five. I buy pre-made baby food. Somewhere in all this, I want to find the balance between the fanatical and the uncaring. Somehow, I hope to settle on doable.
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One Response to Capalitters and Wraps

  1. Teresa says:

    Ummmm, could not strapping the car seat in be a genetic flaw…….or perhaps reliving the early days of your life?

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