Another House and Baby Update

So, it’s been awhile.  Not that you’ve been on the edge of your chairs or anything.  But maybe I like to pretend you’ve been biting your fingernails wondering what’s going on.  

We are IN our HOUSE!!!  Yes, that absolutely deserves three exclamation points.  It’s been fun, our heater is finicky, I’m doing dishes in the bathroom sink and bathtub, (not while bathing the baby… but it has crossed my mind.  :p)  Seth and my’s bed is in the living room, and our table in the dining room is a tool box with a board on it.  But I think it’s awesome.

Jack had trouble the first week we were in.  A few meltdowns with lots of crying and “All done now, home please. All done.”  But I think he’s happy now with the idea that this is our new home.  

View of our backyard.Image

We were even able to entertain, AND have people over for the night. We’re that cool.

But yeah, you’re probably like, ok enough words already, give us the pictures woman!

I attempted to load these in a sort of order, but the computer scoffed at me and put them in the order IT desired. 

Bathroom.  Isn’t it pretty?ImageJack  looking at the camera long enough for me to take a picture.ImageImagePantry with temporary shelving.  :pImageDoor to the bathroom.ImageKitchenImageKitchenImageKitchen cabinets minus doorsImageView from Kitchen into the dining and living rooms.ImageJack’s bookshelf that I made all by myself.  I’m so talented.ImageLiving room/Bedroom.ImageOther side.ImageYou get the idea.ImageOur closet.  Or Seth’s future office.ImageOther side of it.ImageMore Bathroom.  Shelves minus backing and doors.



Shower.ImageImageShower curtain.

So our next top priorities are Kitchen sink, Dishwasher, and floors.  God willing Dishwasher will happen tomorrow.  That would be awesome.

Meanwhile, in the land of babies, Jack will be two next month.  (so insane) and Kizzy is just 13 weeks from her due date.  She kicks constantly.  Little feisty thing.  I guess she’ll have to be to keep up with her brother.  Till later Y’all!


About Tabi

I love the simple things in life, like, wearing skirts and going barefoot. Cooking glorious meals to feed friends and family. Trying to find healthy food at the grocery store on a limited budget. Spinning wool, (yes that's from sheep and goats and llamas), crocheting, and weaving. Picking fresh produce out of a garden, pouring real maple syrup over pancakes, and making a warm and loving home for my family. However, I don't use only whole wheat flour. I do not take reusable grocery bags to the store with me. I indulge in boxed meals when I must. I prefer sugar to honey. I do not shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or Earth Fare except on very special occasions when I have extravagant amounts of money to spend. I HATE cloth diapers. I believe in breastfeeding babies, but not until they're five. I buy pre-made baby food. Somewhere in all this, I want to find the balance between the fanatical and the uncaring. Somehow, I hope to settle on doable.
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2 Responses to Another House and Baby Update

  1. bcseamless says:

    I love these updates. And yes…I’ve been biting my nails.

  2. bcseamless says:

    I love these comments and HAVE been biting my nails.

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