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Sweet Potatoes and Two

Little man turned 2 yesterday.  Although he insists he’s one, or three.  And this morning I heard five when Seth was asking him. Anything but two is acceptable.  I feel quite accomplished in the fact that we’ve kept a child … Continue reading

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Tikka Masala, Naan, and Little Man

This week has been interesting.   One morning jack managed, without taking his PJ’s off, to remove his diaper and push it completely down one leg of his jammies without us knowing. That is until he peed all over me … Continue reading

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Chicken Tortilla Soup

I had a visitor last week.  He was just learning how to fly. And he obligingly let me take lots of pictures of him while he posed fearlessly, preparing for his next flight. I thought he was cute. Anyway, in … Continue reading

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Not So Traditional Bierocks

It’s been rather busy here of late. I made an owl.  https://www.etsy.com/listing/101153800/harold-the-owl Jack discovered sweeping. And shoes. And I remembered these. Bierock?  What’s a bierock? Traditionally, it’s a German pastry, stuffed with cabbage, ground beef, and onions. I’ve never had … Continue reading

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Summertime and Chicken Alfredo

Although it isn’t technically summer here yet, it sure feels like it. Not having a kiddie pool, we make do with what we have. And sometimes we don’t wear very much. Figuring out what to eat can be difficult too, it’s just … Continue reading

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Boneless BBQ Bites

When I was little, I hated barbecue.  I hated it so much that at church functions or friends get-togethers, I wouldn’t eat it. Or, in an extreme case, I would rinse my meat off when no one was looking. Gross right? … Continue reading

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Grilled Chicken Apricot Sandwich And Baby Birds.

Brenna caught a baby bird yesterday. We think it was a robin.  It was hopping around in sad dejection, and out of the goodness of her heart, she decided to save it. She loved it, and cuddled it, and taught … Continue reading

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